We protect our clients’ reputations. Reputations can be harmed and destroyed by false statements, and invasions of privacy.

Reputations can be harmed and destroyed by false statements and invasions of privacy, including on social media, websites, blogs and traditional media like newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. We protect and enforce our clients’ rights against these violations. Whether preventing harmful statements from becoming public in the first place, or forcing publishers to immediately remove them—with a retraction, correction, apology and/or monetary payment.


We are experts at navigating the stormy waters of media law and publicity and achieving our clients’ goals.


We have been hired to help protect the reputations and privacy interests by two of the world’s Top 10 largest corporations, as well as numerous high net worth individuals, and scores of A-list celebrities, including motion picture and TV stars, recording artists, professional sports figures, political officials and the First Lady of the United States.


We litigate cases to trial and on appeal, specializing in business, media, entertainment, intellectual property, defamation and privacy cases.

We served as lead counsel for Hulk Hogan, winning a $140 million jury verdict against Gawker Media. We served as lead counsel for First Lady Melania Trump, winning a retraction, apology and multi-million dollar settlement against Daily Mail. Our clients include two of the Top 10 largest corporations in the world, as well as smaller companies, high net worth individuals, and numerous A-list celebrities including motion picture and television actors and producers, recording artists, sports figures and political officials. We have appeared in federal and state courts throughout the United States including California, New York, Illinois, Florida, Texas and many other states.


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